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Questica is an indie procedurally generated sandbox RPG made by Siraz games. In Questica, players travel from island to island, while building a global reputation. Who will you be, a feared ruler, an acurate sellsword, or a lovable healer?

Multiplayer Mechanics

Questica has a multiplayer backbone. Players can join a server, and play by the creator's rules. It is entirely possible for a server owner to develop their own mechanics and laws of nature by integrating code into our flexable, standard plugin loading system.

Tech and Modding

Questica is coded in Java, and modding is broken down into two groups:

  • Mods - Controls assets, the game's assets can be over-written by changing the load order
  • Plugins - Controls behaviour, directly integrates code into the game and allows for limitless possibilities.


  • Nick Lawrence
  • Cody Morgan
  • Mitchell Hynes


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